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The Potomac School of Leadership exists to train, educate and develop leaders that will shape the future of our churches and our network.

The Potomac School of Leadership is a 2-year residential program in partnership with Ascent College and the Potomac Ministry Network.

As a part of the program, PSL will connect students to churches and events where they'll be able to serve under various leaders and leadership styles, and will be encouraged to develop their giftings.

This is done in tandem with internship style, hands on experiences in the Potomac Ministry Network, through which students will experience intentional leadership development and personal mentoring.

Through Ascent Colleges online schooling, students will earn an accredited Associates of Science in Ministry Leadership degree.

With the education and experienced gained through PSL, students will meet the requirements to become a credentialed minister in the Assemblies of God. PSL will assist in helping students find placement in ministry positions that fit each individuals giftings and calling.


Students will participate in a vast number of ministerial experiences, such as conferences, retreats, conventions and more.

Working shoulder to shoulder with high-quality leaders, students will gain invaluable wisdom and make lifelong relationships throughout the Potomac Network. Students have the opportunity to develop a support system of experienced ministers that will aid them in their personal growth for years to come.

PSL Leadership

Chris Davis

Potomac School of Leadership Director

John May

Executive Director of Church Ministries

Rob Rhoden

Executive Director of Education and President of Ascent College

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